Let’s be clear: if you’re gay, the Roman Catholic Church thinks that you’re “dis­or­dered,” that you’re act­ing “con­trary to nat­ural law,” that you are “called to chastity” and that “under no cir­cum­stances” can homo­sex­ual activ­ity be approved. The Pope’s state­ment is at best naively mis­lead­ing, and at worst, alarm­ingly decep­tive. This kind of rhetoric doesn’t move us for­ward, instead it obfus­cates the real issues, weigh­ing us down with half-truths and misdirections.

Think the Pope said something great about gays? Think again. (via azspot)

It isn’t natural? But, it is a natural occurrence.

Life isn’t perfect, get over it.



Crash Course US History #22 - Reconstruction and 1876

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In which John Green teaches you about Reconstruction. After the divisive, destructive Civil War, Abraham Lincoln had a plan to reconcile the country and make it whole again. Then he got shot, Andrew Johnson took over, and the disagreements between Johnson and Congress insured that Reconstruction would fail. The election of 1876 made the whole thing even more of a mess, and the country called it off, leaving the nation still very divided. John will talk about the gains made by African-Americans in the years after the Civil War, and how they lost those gains almost immediately when Reconstruction stopped. You’ll learn about the Freedman’s Bureau, the 14th and 15th amendments, and the disastrous election of 1876. John will explore the goals of Reconstruction, the successes and ultimate failure, and why his alma mater Kenyon College is better than Raoul’s alma mater NYU.

Satellite by Guster from the album: Ganging Up On The Sun



Satellite - Guster

You’re my satellite
You’re riding with me tonight
Passenger side, lighting the sky
Always the first star that I find
You’re my satellite

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Only one thing is certain—that is, nothing is certain. If this statement is true, it is also false.
Ancient paradox (via scienceisbeauty)